WordPress is a system for managing content on your website. It’s a sophisticated software product with “themes”, “plugins” and “core” components. Each of these components needs frequent updates to ensure they are performing great and have the latest security updates to make sure your website doesn’t get hacked.

Most budget website hosting companies provide you a location for your website, that’s it. Anything more must be performed by a developer, or only provided at additional cost.

This means a WordPress website can go months or even years with no updates, backups, or maintenance, leaving your website and your business venerable to attacks, defacement, loss of sales, etc. And when an older WordPress website is hacked, it’s often very expensive (and sometimes impossible) to restore it completely.

A “Managed” WordPress host like 24Moves makes sure your software is always updated to the latest version, makes backups just in case, and many other services that may cost additional money at other web hosts.

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