A New Hacking / Scamming Tactic Targets Website Owners

There is a new phishing email scam going around that is targeting administrators of websites.  The scary-looking “I’m going to sue you” email appears to be a complaint about the illegal use of copyrighted website content or images.  Using the very high penalties for using images without permission as bait, the scammer attempts to trick people into clicking a link that proves their copyright claim.

Unfortunately, the link is usually an attempt to gain access to your personal computer, or worse yet, access to your company’s network.  Once this is done, the hacker can steal information, impersonate you to others, or plant software to conduct a cyber ransom attack on your company’s internal network.

If you receive a message saying you are violating someone’s copyright, please forward it to your 24Moves Project Manager to investigate.  And do *not* click on any links in the email until it can be verified as real.

Avoid Clicking Unexpected Links, Even from Friends

Scammers are happy to trick you in any way they can.  If your co-worker’s email account was hacked, the criminal can send you an email that looks like it’s coming from someone you trust.  But the links could plant software on your computer, leading to your company being held for ransom.

Always Contact Us First

Did you get a shady email, text, or social media IM and need help verifying if it’s real?  Please contact us, we are happy to help you navigate the dangerous minefield of unexpected messages from strangers.