TL:DR; Encountering a 403 Forbidden login page means a security feature has been triggered on your website.  Contact your 24Moves Project Manager for help.

Understanding the “403 Forbidden” Error

When clients host their websites with 24Moves, they might occasionally encounter a “403 Forbidden” error when attempting to access their WordPress admin dashboard. This error isn’t a mistake. It’s an intentional security feature of the 24Moves hosting platform.

Why Does This Error Occur?

When the “403 Forbidden” error appears, it signifies that a security measure has been activated. One key indicator is the word “update” in the page URL. Here’s what’s happening behind the scenes:

  • Our system automatically applied a recent major security update to WordPress to all WordPress websites hosted on 24Moves.
  • Upon the completion of this update, WordPress displays a confirmation button, part of a file named update.php, that needs to be clicked.

Why Is Access to Certain Files Restricted?

The update.php file is a WordPress page that relays update details to website administrators. However, this file, along with several others like install.php, readme.html, license.txt, and wp-config.php, can sometimes be leveraged by malicious web bots to breach WordPress websites. To safeguard all websites hosted with us, 24Moves has secured these files, barring direct access to anyone via web browsers or bots. It’s a preventive measure based on industry best practices.

The Importance of This Security Feature

Web bots often employ numerous strategies to infiltrate websites. If they detect a vulnerable file, they might bombard the login page with myriad password-guessing attempts. Such undue activity can hamper a website’s performance, causing slowdowns for genuine visitors. By marking certain files as “Forbidden,” bots are deterred, leaving the website to function optimally for actual customers and preventing potential security breaches.

What to Do If You Encounter This Error

Should clients ever face this error, they need not worry. They can contact their designated 24Moves project manager through email or phone. Our team will momentarily unblock the required file, click the “confirm” button, and re-establish the block.

In Summary

At 24Moves, our foremost priority is ensuring the security and optimal performance of your website.

We understand that encountering errors can be concerning, but please rest assured that such measures are in place for your protection. Our team is always here to support and assist you every step of the way. Thank you for entrusting us with your website needs. We appreciate your understanding and are always working hard to offer you the best hosting experience possible.