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Question: Is this invoice from “” legit or a scam?

A company called (and several other similarly official-sounding companies) is tricking Accounts Payable departments at small companies into paying $289.  They mail thousands of official-looking letters each year, crafted to look like an invoice.

In the digital age, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face a myriad of challenges, not least of which is safeguarding against increasingly sophisticated attempts to part you and your company’s money. targets unsuspecting businesses with realistic-looking invoices, made to appear like domain renewal requests.

Free Invoice Review Service at

At, we prioritize the security of our client’s digital assets. Understanding the surge in domain registration and renewal scams, we offer a complimentary invoice review service to all our clients. Before you approve any web or marketing-related payment, let our experts ensure you’re not overpaying or, worse, paying a scammer. This proactive step can save your business from unnecessary financial losses and stress.

The Rise of Scams Targeting Small Businesses

Several other companies have started warning their clients about the Domain Networks Invoice.  For example, KrebsOnSecurity, Network Security Association, and Everest Legal Marketing.  And Domain Networks has achieved the “F” rating at the Better Business Bureau.

Invoices sent by companies like, are designed to trick businesses into paying for unnecessary or non-existent services. These scams often involve sending official-looking invoices that, at first glance, appear to be a domain registration.  Or they look like a renewal services that you may not have requested or need.  To protect themselves, they provide wording on the back of the invoice, saying things like you are paying a “subscription” for services, and not a bill.

They meticulously craft their communication, making it appear as though it comes from a legitimate domain registration service. They bank on the fact that many businesses, especially SMBs, will not scrutinize the entire 2nd page of the mailing before paying their “bill”.

In fact, they rely on non-technical individuals to pay an “invoice” in fear losing their domain name.’s Commitment to Your Business’s Safety

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your business’s online presence is secure. By reviewing your invoices, we protect you from falling victim to scams, allowing you to focus on growing your business without the fear of being defrauded.

Expert Tips on Avoiding Domain Scams

  • Always verify the sender’s details.
  • Be wary of any communication demanding urgent payment.
  • Consult with your domain registration provider directly for any discrepancies.
  • Make sure your Accounts Payable team knows who you actually hire.
  • A domain name registration for a basic (.com) address by itself, should never exceed $20.

Your Safeguard Against Scams

In a world brimming with digital threats, staying vigilant is paramount. Remember, no invoice should be paid without absolute certainty of its legitimacy. Share this post with the person responsible for paying invoices in your company and consider letting’s project managers review any questionable invoices before payment. Together, we can ensure the safety and security of your business’s online assets.