There is no doubt about it anymore. Regardless of precisely what your small business does, it needs to be active on social media. Doing so can help you gain an abundance of new customers, penetrate your local market and establish thought leadership. Through a social media marketing campaign, you can accomplish these goals and make more money. Here are three tips to maximize such a campaign.

Don’t Limit Yourself

One social network may not allow you to achieve all of your goals. To be successful, you have to approach your customers from multiple angles, and that will require you to be present on more than one platform. It’s best to determine where your customers are, and this means finding all the places they frequent. Once you have done that, target them in the most appropriate way possible.

Be Proactive

Social media can be great for making already existing customers aware of what you are doing, but one of the best social media strategies you can use is to proactively recruit new ones. Social media should be treated as a lead magnet, but you also need to do more than push your services. It’s important for you to identify the appropriate demographic and determine the message that suits it. Figure out the content that will interest your ideal demographic, and make sure you have someone on tap who can create it. Fortunately, social media adapts quite well to a customized approach, so it will allow you to do this very easily.

Be Ready to Invest

You can’t just use freebies when you are making a major social media marketing campaign, and you should be prepared to invest real dollars into the effort. That investment may take a couple of forms. First, you may have to hire staff or a consulting firm whose sole job is to manage social media. Second, you may find yourself in a position where paid social media ads are the way to go. Paid social media ads are a fantastic way for small businesses to reach their target audience.

BONUS TIP! Embrace Automation

User and marketing research has identified the best days and times to reach specific target markets with our emails and social media posts. Tools such as can help you schedule posts to be published at the optimal time for the most coverage. This allows you to create market segment-specific content days, weeks, or even months in advance. Tools such as can help you automate your social media interaction too. For example, if your CMS team publishes a blog post at 5:05 pm, that is not the optimal time to publish the social media announcements. A routine can automatically submit your post to so it is published to Facebook and Twitter at a time that will generate more attention.

Social media campaigns can be great, but they have to fit with your overall messaging, customer base, and general strategies. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you are prepared to deal with the potential influx of customers that could come from your efforts. If you approach it thoughtfully, your social media campaign will ultimately be a success.

Another important part of your marketing strategy is having a good website. If you need help with your website, or if you are looking for help automating your social media campaigns, contact us for some help!